HungaroCat - About us

Our club was established on the 19th June, 2011. and was registered by the Court on the 21st September, 2011. Assize No.: 12.Pk.60520/23011/6.

The name of our club: HungaroCat Magyar Országos Egyesület
Short name: HungaroCat
Seat: H-1102. Budapest, Állomás u. 21. III. 12.
Tax number: 18269772-1-42
Bank details: MKB Bank, IBAN: HU11 1030 0002 1055 2984 4902 0018, BIC: MKKBHUHB
Payment with Paypal * e-mail address:
WCF membership No.: HU-0258


Yearly membership fee, full members
HUF 5000 or EUR 18
Yearly membership fee, friends and family members
HUF 4000 or EUR 15
Cattery name, only members:
HUF 8000 or EUR 30
Yearly Certificate of Suitability of Breeding, only members:
Naturalization (in our registration books):
HUF 3000 or EUR 10
HUF 3000 or EUR 10
HUF 500 or EUR 2
Litter survey (pre-ordained):
Litter survey (for request):
HUF 800 / kitten or EUR 3 / kitten
Title Certificate (Ch/Pr - GEC/GEP), only members:
Title Certificate (WCh/WPr), only members:
HUF 8000 or EUR 30
Presentation of the WCF Master for 1 year on the website of WCF, only members:
HUF 7000 or EUR 25


The Board